Different Colors of Clothes And Bags With The Perfect Skill

White is the color of the most holy, personal feeling is the best color dress, the color on the bag is also associated with light colored. White to pale yellow bag assembly casual, with soft color coordination; coupled with a successful nike air jordan shoes combination of lavender can serve, together with the pink bag to give people the feeling of soft and elegant. Comparative wear purple with a white suit and matching bag similar tone, the effect is pretty good. Hundred more bold combination of jordan shoes for sale red, fashion, warm and chic look, in sharp contrast, the white heavier weight and feel more soft.

Second, the blue dress and matching bag

The blue color of clothing most likely to bag with all kinds, whether it is similar to the blue-black air jordan fly 23 women or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and received the blue have a good tight body effect, is the only option mad Xiushen Cai . Blue jacket with red bag, make people look beautiful, and pretty; with gray bag, slightly air jordan son of mars cheap conservative portfolio, but overall it feels more lively (strongly recommended are fine lines of gray, can be a good add elegance) ; and lavender bags with the feeling of a more subtle; and white bag with a lot to do, with cheap jordan online their blue-hundred more general if added in a subtle composition of purple, sort of a mature city will be added to taste. More dark colors, especially blue professional package similar to the black bag with color reserved for places to attend air jordan some formal, not only adorned decent, sharp curves and light with a charming romantic.
Third, the mix of black clothes and bags

Are steady with a mysterious black color, no matter what color, and together, will not have a style, it has been Jordan New School felt by people's congresses are the wise choice of black people, absolutely first class. With itself is the classic red and black, black and white is the best combination of timeless, even if somewhat difficult to match the beige one with Jordan After Game the style of the event is able to do the same, the result is almost unparalleled, and the sun, avant-garde, fashion, youth, steady stream of similar words will flock to your name. All right then steal a go.