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As the eyes of the Chinese one of the most famous British brands, Burberry trench coat and Burberry scarves have become a classic of classics. Almost everyone on the streets of a Scottish-style neck of beige Burberry style plaid scarf, if not the meter Chaep burberry bags 2012 Huang Gezi's not called the scarf, not 100% Cashmere wool enclosed components will not be warm. Burberry counter too expensive, then go to Burberry factory shop Taobao it! Burberry factory shop in East London, Zone 2, from the 2012 Olympic Games site near London.

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Starting from central London, take the first turn of London City of London Underground train (Silverlink Metro) to Hackney Central station, the station turn right after crossing the street to find a large TESCO supermarket, supermarkets women Air Max Jordan 4 Fusion along the straight side of the road Morning Lane , at the second intersection you can see the Indians opened a chicken restaurant. This has unfortunately reduced to a chicken shop Burberry factory shop obligation guiding station. Chicken shop opposite path is Chatham Place, jordan Retro a few steps away from the eye can see a not very factory look like gray building, the door hung above the dignified Burberry factory shop (Burberry Factory Shop) signs.

Burberry factory shop is actually a large warehouse, checkout counters in addition to the door, Mens Jordan Fusion go into the heap was flooded all kinds of Burberry products, shoes, coats, shirts, pants, suits, polo shirts, T-shirt, socks, belts, umbrellas, large and small bags of various styles, scarf, scarves, ties, and even pillows, tea, biscuits! I have seen a female shopper, comes cheap louis vuitton bags with large sacks ready to install trophy.

Burberry is the right place at the entrance to the house's signature product - the winter coat, Burberry trench coat and suit, but unfortunately very large size, I am of medium build and the desire of Chinese people Louis vuitton handbags on sale dressed like the line intentions Guaishu Shu. Burberry scarves, or see it, if it is a normal 15 pounds of wool, 100% Cashmere wool of a 45 pounds, and scarves gloves a box gift box packaging, as long as 29.99! The most typical rice cheap Louis Vuitton handbags Huang Gezi Burberry scarves are the most sought-after, I watched the last one was looking at was a Japanese pre-emptive, to ask the clerk was told out of stock. Seen to enter the Burberry factory shop, be sure to agile, lit fighting!